10 Minute Workout for Weight Loss, Fat Loss, & Muscle Gain, Video

Dr. Pompa and Merily Pompa Demonstrate the right way to exercise for weight loss, fat loss, muscle gain, and moving hormones, like testosterone and human growth hormone ( HGH ) in the right directing. Pompa Health Solutions in Wexford, PA ( near Pittsburgh and Cranberry PA ) specializes in weight loss resistance, structural correction chiropractic care / physical therapy, detoxification, diabetes, and nutrition. Using specific hormone optimizing diets, exercise and true cellular detoxification programs to help individuals loose significant weight that they could never loose ( weight loss resistance ). This can all be done in ten ( 10 ) to twelve ( 12 ) minute workout or work out ( workout ). This video was recorded at the Oxford Athletic Club in Wexford, PA. North of Pittsburgh and South of Cranberry 15090. For more info. Call 724 -940 -7733

Duration : 0:5:38

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25 Responses to “10 Minute Workout for Weight Loss, Fat Loss, & Muscle Gain, Video”

  • PompaHealthSolutions says:

    No that is fine …
    No that is fine just do it light yoga is best…jogging and swimming will work against you for weight loss…it’s not unhealthy though just not best for fat burning…walking is great as well. and of course for weight loss eating my healing diet will move your hormones into fat burning quickly.

  • chandralekha68 says:

    ok ….is brisk …
    ok ….is brisk walking fine…say at 6 kms or so per hour? will it interfere with my weight loss efforts..this is ofcourse on off days that is the days i dotn do burst/resistance training.?

  • chandralekha68 says:

    i live in india… …
    i live in india…do you think ur healing diet will be something manageable here?? also iam a vegetarian who eats eggs and milk products only…. also..pls tell me what you mean by light yoga?

  • PompaHealthSolutions says:

    For weight loss and …
    For weight loss and hormone optimization it is best not to do the brisk walking on those off days. Better to do light walking say 5K..if you walk at a faster pace that’s ok just do not book it up hills : ) Ad more resistive training on the days you burst is your best option.

  • PompaHealthSolutions says:

    Yes healing diet …
    Yes healing diet will be easy in India…many foods in india are healing diet approved..just basic stretching and breathing. So 95% of most Yoga out there does not get your heart rate up. But it is done different by many.

  • PompaHealthSolutions says:

    What you are doing …
    What you are doing is interval type work out…I would only do the bursting every other day in this scenario. Make sure you rest as well rest is best. It is easy to forget that aspect. Weight loss and muscle building has to do with hormones. The correct exercise like burst training moves them in the correct direction. for muscle building and weight loss. Anti-aging, HGH protection.

  • bestofMD says:

    ok i got but is it …
    ok i got but is it good if i try 8 to 10 rep in like 30 to 40 min if its going to help me burning more fat and ofc ill rest the next day

  • chandralekha68 says:

    ok..thnx a ton:) it …
    ok..thnx a ton:) it gives me a much clearer picture:) i would also like to get some kind of a sample of the healing diet from you so i can understand if i can do it or not..i mean practical possibility….

  • playazcircle111 says:

    can you do this …
    can you do this workout more than once a day

  • portukalian says:

    would you know why …
    would you know why after my first burst set (sprinting for 30 to 45sec) i feel nauseous and though it gets better while i’m resting it’s still there and comes back after each burst. when i am finished with the whole session i’m sleepy like i could lay down and take a very long nap. should i be concerned?

  • heretic98 says:

    Can I do squats as …
    Can I do squats as opposed to running on the treadmill? They get my heart rate up to max.

  • PompaHealthSolutions says:


  • PompaHealthSolutions says:

    It s likely your …
    It s likely your adrenal which regulate your bodys ability to adapt to stress both physical and emotional are fatigued. I was a semi-pro biker and these same symptoms occurred before I addressed the cause of my adrenal and hormone dis-regulation. Call heather (724-940-7733) and see if we have anyone available to help you. If you are in adrenal exhaustion you need treatment and proper diagnosis and testing.

  • PompaHealthSolutions says:

    on the same day…. …
    on the same day….Yes in perspective so not in the am and late pm. within about 8 hours early in the day is fine.

  • PompaHealthSolutions says:

    Call heather at our …
    Call heather at our office in the US and tell her that I said on Youtube I mention you get 50% off our healing diet book and CD set…this will get you started. This latest version has the advanced (healing diet), intermediate diet, and basic diet plans.

  • portukalian says:

    That sounds like it …
    That sounds like it is most likely my problem. I have been diagnosed with Chroic Fatigue, which is of course just a cop out diagnosis describing some of my symptoms. So should I stop the burst training until I restore more of my Adrenal health? Thank you for responding by the way!

  • PompaHealthSolutions says:

    how s it going for …
    how s it going for you…rest is best!!

  • PompaHealthSolutions says:

    Yes…you got it. …
    Yes…you got it. Be sure to rest a day…eliminate all processed grains and sugars…and for sure decrease the amount of even whole grains to one whole stone ground or sprouted grain a day the rest veges, proteins and low glycemic fruits and you will be more cut and ripped than in the HS football days.

  • rhett838 says:

    Good Vid!

    I …
    Good Vid!

    I started yesterday…A light 1/2 mile jog to the rec field, I sprinted, power skipped, and did lunges. I did push ups between each exercise and leg lifts after it was all done. I just jumped into this “burst” training. I kind of treated it like a football practice we had in high school. Am I on the right track?

  • kissntellen says:

    wow ur a good …
    wow ur a good looking couple

  • MrJulius72 says:

    I’ve started doing …
    I’ve started doing this. It’s an awesome workout. I mean, it makes you feel like you really worked out HARD! There must be something to this. I mean, I have a lot of friends who are long distance runners and they don’t have great bodies. And I know a lot of football players and sprinters that are lean and mean. I’m going to continue doing this.

  • PompaHealthSolutions says:

    Thanks my wife …
    Thanks my wife feeds me and my “5 kids” our Healing diet to the T. They are super cute 2 we love them…thanks so much for the compliment.

  • PompaHealthSolutions says:

    Keep up the great …
    Keep up the great work!!! take care.

  • bigjoe454 says:

    Myself, I like …
    Myself, I like going between intervals of walking/running/jogging with an occasional sprint, But this is pretty good.

    I cant do much HIIT as I have asthma, which sucks for cutting as I enjoy sprints.

  • georgius141 says:

    I got almost all …
    I got almost all answer here thk u…
    But I would like to get few more answers. My primary wish is to lose weight. Expecialy fat from my abdomen, I don’t have a big, but it’s still there,nothing else. I don’t need a big muscles on my body.
    Is it enough to do every second day the burst training and what I mustn’t eat? And may I do some other practice for abdomen and what?
    sorry cause my english is bad, Iam from Serbia, big hello to U Dr. Pompa…

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